Schuchard's Sales & Service
Proudly representing American companies building American products
Delta Trailers Newport, AR
Wilson Trailers Yankton, SD
Sooner/Exiss Trailers El Reno, OK
Midsota Mfg. Avon, MN
B&W Trailer Hitches Humboldt, KS
Sundowner Trailers Coleman, OK

Schuchard's Sales & Service is located in Watertown, SD. We carry new Delta, Wilson, Sooner, Exiss, Midsota, and Sundowner trailers.

We are also your local pre-owned used auto & trailer dealer as well. We offer financing! Apply online.

Our service & parts departments can keep things in tip-top shape even after the sale. We carry Genuine GM Parts, Dexter Axle, B&W as well as Interstate Batteries. Inquire about a part or schedule service online.

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